His condition is not serious … the President of Kazakhstan was infected with the Coruna virus


A spokesman for the President of Kazakhstan, Berek Awali, announced today, Saturday, that the President of the country, Kasim Gomart Tokayev, has contracted the new Corona virus “Covid-19”, adding that he is currently undergoing hospital treatment.

Awali explained – in a tweet on the Twitter post, reported by the (Russia Today) news channel that “Tokayev, 67, is subject to regular medical checks, noting that the authorities took additional safety measures at the presidential headquarters, adding that” the president He continues his usual work and his health is not in danger. “

So far, Kazakhstan has recorded 12,511 cases of Coronavirus and 53 deaths. The authorities in Kazakhstan last month eased the measures of general isolation after continuing for two months, and maintained the rules of social separation and extended the closure of borders.

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