Hisham Majid launches an attack on the critics of Youssef El-Sharif after a statement that I refuse to touch with the artists


The artist Hisham Majid launched an attack on the critics of the artist Youssef El Sharif, after his statement during a Tok Show program, that he stipulated that he should not touch the artists while signing any contract for his artwork.

Majid wrote on Facebook: “There are some people in it, whether they are technicians, journalists or ordinary people, who took advantage of the words that Youssef Al Sharif said in his program with Rami Radwan and started attacking him and publishers needs for old films that he worked to prove that he was fulfilling the needs of this normal and that it means this is my bid Virtue and this … This family of Bani Adamin is the second worst thing after the Corona … All the respect to Youssef El Sharif … A sophisticated and respected artist who tries to work and respect his fans. “He added, “All respect is for anyone who agrees or disagrees with his words, but with respect … and everyone has freedom in his thoughts, as long as he respects those around him and does not harm anyone … You do not like his words. On the pretext that you are the lawyer who defends the right to art and freedom of creativity, it keeps a deficient person … but just so … two words that made me sad … Please take me with him. ”


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