Hisham Selim told “The Seventh Day” about his son’s critics: Have mercy on my son Nour and his uniform


A case of controversy, accompanied the publication Nour SelimThe son of the artist Hisham Selim, video clips via the “Astory” feature on his official account on “Instagram”, in which he announces that he is a transsexual, and that he is the one who embarked on this step without having an imbalance in hormones, not “passing” as previously mentioned In media statements on his tongue.

His father, the star Hisham Selim, commented on his son’s statements, saying during his talk of “The Seventh Day”: I wish to have mercy on people de, especially my son Nour because he was born like this, and I am one more knowledgeable about the story and he is a child and I personally see that he must live his life as he pleases.

And he added: Whoever holds those who are accountable is our Lord and not other people, especially that mercy is mentioned in the Qur’an more than once, indicating that any scientist who says no one will enter Heaven without the mercy of our Lord.

Salim continued his speech, saying: “There are thousands of people who suffer from the same problem of my son Nour and talk to him all the time and we must help them with this problem and know what they want.

Nurhamsham Selim had started his conversation on the Instagram page, certainly confirming his support for Sarah Hegazy, who died days ago, and sparked widespread controversy over her because of her homosexuality, saying: “I am my heart intermittent on Egypt … and humanity is not present in it … who is satisfied Pia and I are not satisfied with Sarah Hijazi and the King of the Detector remains a hypocrite. “

Hisham Selim’s son stressed that the operations he performed to become a man were a sexual transformation and not a transit as previously claimed, following: “I did not have a hormonal imbalance nor” Intersex “.. I am in front of our Lord whom I made this mistake … and you are walking my beloved, light … and work What you love. “

He continued his speech, “I am dressed like Sarah Hijazi … and I am not satisfied with it, I am not satisfied with me … and I do not want me,” denouncing the attack on the gay girl: “The crime of selling it ?! She loves girls … You are not an angel so that you judge people.” .

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