Historic meeting .. Murtada sends the ministers message and attacks Fadl


Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zamalek Club, stressed that the last meeting of the Council is historical and studies and proves that Zamalek is managed in a democratic way and all opinions are heard.

Murtada Mansour announced the decision of the Board of Directors not to complete the current league season for the current president.

“The meeting of the council is historic and is being taught,” Mortada Mansour said on the Zamalek channel. “Zamalek is being managed democratically.”

“We are not against the orientation of the state and support the Egyptian state, but we will not complete the league, and this is a final decision, and no one can make a decision to land the team and threaten and wave the matter.”

He continued, “I said before that the current Minister of Sports is one of the best personalities, and the Prime Minister held sessions with all sectors of the state. I ask him to meet with the sports sector, club heads and coaches in order to take opinions, then I know that you will take the decision that is in the interest of everyone.” .

Mortada Mansour attacked Jamal Muhammad Ali, vice-chairman of the quinquennial committee, and Muhammad Fadl, a member of the committee, saying: “Who is Muhammad Fadl and what is his history in football? “.

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