“I am tired.” … A Coronian commits suicide because his family cannot afford it


02:40 am

Saturday 13 June 2020

Books – Saber Al-Mahlawi:
A driver infected with coronavirus got rid of his life by hanging after the illness intensified, and he was unable to tolerate his pain, according to the prosecution’s investigation. Initial investigations of Osim’s Prosecution, headed by Counselor Mohamed Hani, revealed that the victim (driver – 38 years old), was diagnosed with Corona virus after a procedure
CT scans on the chest, so the doctor prescribed the necessary medications, and ordered him to isolate himself home. According to the investigations, the injured man lives with his wife and children with his parents in the family’s 3-storey house, and that he used to apply isolation on the last floor, and his wife takes him up with food while taking precautions
Necessary. Investigations revealed that after 8 days of his injury, the driver phoned his brother to tell him: “I am tired and cannot tolerate the pain. My fever is high all the time, and my body is dying from fatigue, and my religion is a private hospital,” so that his brother will answer him that they cannot afford the expenses of the private hospital, and he
What prompted him to bring a rope and tie him in a gas pipe to the apartment hall, and get rid of his life. When his wife came up with food to check on him and was surprised by him, a report of the incident was issued and the Public Prosecution conducted the investigation.

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