I got divorced after 12 years of separation .. About Nawal A.


11:21 PM

Monday 29 June 2020

I wrote- Bahira Foda:

Today, the public celebrates the 49th birthday of Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoghbi.

Nawal Al-Zoghbi is one of the most famous Lebanese singers in the Arab world. She was called “The Golden Star.”

Masrawy shows you information about the singer Nawal Al Zoghbi

1- Her real name is Nawal George Al-Zoghbi, born in East Beirut, and she is the older sister of her three brothers.

2- Her artistic career, at the age of fifteen, began through the talent discovery program “Studio El Fan”, which was her first appearance in 1988.

3- She married Elie Deeb in 1990, gave birth to her first daughter Tia in 1998, then gave birth to Joy and Georgie in 2002.

4- In 1992, Nawal Al Zoghbi released her first album, “My Life is with You.”

5- “Ayza Al-Rid”, which is the first clip of the golden star Nawal Al-Zoghbi, who launched her stardom in the Arab world.

6- I released about 16 albums Al-Anaei so far, the most famous of them is: “I love you, Lil, what you regret, you are blameless, I mean you as liars, and I do not forgive it, that’s like it.”

7- She presented about 45 clips during her artistic career, the latest of which was “Keda Bay”.

8- The duet “Main Habibi Anna”, which she collected with Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury in 1996, achieved great success in that period.

9 – Nawal Al-Zoghbi is considered the first singer of her generation to sing to her daughter “Tia” through the clip “Tia” in 1999.

10. Al-Zoghbi participated in many festivals in various countries, including Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, the Emirates, Oman, Morocco, and others.

11- Nawal received more than 20 awards from different countries, the last of which was from the “Best” Association organizing the Beirut Mother of the World Festival in 2018.

12- Nawal Al-Zoghbi presented 4 series of series “Caramel, For the Highest Price,” Proofa, Sultana Al Moez “.

13- In September 2019, Al-Zoghbi co-chaired the Judging Committee for The Talent Program, which is the first program in the Arab world to discover the most beautiful talents and lyrical voices through the technology of the modern day language. Social Media

14- The Lebanese star Nawal Al Zoghbi revealed that she obtained a divorce formally from the father of her children Elie Dib, during a meeting with her on the “Mina and Jar” program presented by Pierre Rabat, that she had been separated from the father of her sons 12 years ago, but did not obtain an official divorce only before 3 Months.


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