If the hard disk is divided, what is the difference between MBR and GPT?


Users often need to partition the “hard” hard disk, especially when some problems begin to appear, which causes the user to partition the hard drive into several separate volumes from each other, but in some types of operating systems it is necessary to use some technologies, including MBR and GPT technology to partition the hard, and below we show the most important differences between them as follows:

MBR technology

It is an abbreviation for Master Boot Record, which is the main criterion for partitioning the hard disk, and it is characterized by the wide use of it among computer users, and it is indicated that it contains the most important information about how the hard part is organized in the device, and it also provides the user with instructions on the extent of the division With the implementation of the examination of new and special sections of the operating system and classified according to its activity.

GPT technology

It is an abbreviation of the Guid Partition Table, and this technique is a main store for all the values ​​and variables of the periodic repeat test, and this technique makes multiple attempts to transfer and retrieve the damaged data between more than one location on the disk.

In partition primary

– It uses the MBR, which allows creating and splitting the hard disk for 4 Partition only. Therefore, when you try to increase the Paragon setting for more than 4, it tells you that the command cannot be executed.

– In the GPT, you can create more than 4 partitions and a number that can reach 128 partitions.

Hard disk space

– The MBR accepts up to 2 TB of hard disk and does not accept more than that and cannot handle it if it exceeds this volume.

– In the GPT, it can handle more than 2TB hard like 3TB or 4TB hard and has no problem with that.


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