In pictures – the great similarity between Diana Karazon and her two sisters exposes them to ridicule: “A Doctor’s Breath”


There was a picture on social media that collected Jordanian artist Diana Karraron and her two sisters Zain and Haya. The three sisters drew attention to the great similarity between them after the image was transmitted to a number of active accounts on the application of photos and videos “Instagram”.

Many have indicated that each appears to be an exact copy of the other two. This exposed them to a wide wave of irony, as some observers indicated that they had gone to the plastic surgery clinic itself.

It is noteworthy that Diana sparked interest earlier because of her appearance in the video clip without makeup. She seemed to have soft features and that she had not changed much despite not applying any product.

It is reported that, before this, Zain was subjected to a wide wave of criticism and was accused of encouraging men to betray. In a video, she said, it is normal for the husband to take care of another woman if his wife does not take care of the details of her beauty.

She added: “When your nuts come back and meet you, they are not interested in your condition. They start to get their eyes cleared,” indicating that they do not blame him in this case, even though she is a feminist and advocate for her.


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