In pictures .. The Red Crescent sterilizes the home of the “good deeds”


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seem Team Crescent moon the Red The Egyptian the work At home The rest The righteous For sterilization And disinfection And extend The house With all Supplies Medical From Violins And gloves Sheets And some Materials Necessary For insulation Healthy For cases Infected With a virus Sk.

And she was Minister Solidarity Social I followed Ali Orbit The two days The last two status Injured Home And received several Reports About Interventions Which She did It out The Ministry I drew Number From Associations Eligibility To provide the support Necessary as such Done Coordination With Ministry the health To send Team medical To follow cases Injured.

And she was the doctor Abla Al-Kahlawy President board aPort association The rest The righteous may be aShe declared About aYoung woman 9 cases From Inmates Dar: house The rest The righteous For adults Age.

Qalyubia Governor inspects the hub area connecting Heliopolis to the Shubra Banha Free Road

  • The situation in Egypt
  • Injuries
  • Recover
  • Mortality

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