In the era of intelligence .. Control your home with the help of Android and Google


Source: Dubai – the Arab portal for technical news

The beta version of the Android 11 operating system (Android 11 beta) – obtained by some users of Google Pixel phones – revealed many new features, including: Facilitating control of smart home devices.

Google has provided in the Android 10 system to its smartphone users (Pixel) a feature called (Cards and Passes), which provides quick access to (Google Pay) Google Pay, and also makes it easy to switch between payment cards for offline use.

And when you hold down the Pixel button on the phone, instead of seeing the shutdown options, you will see a prominent section at the top of the screen that displays any cards in (Google Pay), including: debit and credit cards, ways to buy event tickets, and airline tickets, and pressing the button Operation (Pixel 4) to show emergency contacts and medical information.

Google also has Android 11 system developed this feature by adding some new settings in the play button menu to control devices, thanks to Android 11’s support for a software interface called (Controls API) that allows developers to put automation shortcuts for smart home devices in the settings menu That appears when you press the phone’s power button.

The new play button menu also provides a greater range of options, where (Device Controls) appears below the cards feature, where you can access it when you hold down the on and off button on the phone. By doing this, you can turn lights on or off, set temperature quickly, and control any compatible device easily, which means that the Android 11 system will allow users to control smart devices around the house directly from the play button menu, instead of moving to the application of each device alone , Or use other external tools, as long as the smart home applications and services are compatible with the new APIs in the system.

But so far users who have received the beta cannot test the new feature (hardware controls) due to the lack of applications now available for testing, but these applications will definitely be available when the final release of Android 11 system is officially launched later this year.

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