In the photo – Ahlam consoles Hala Al-Turk after her parents’ absence on her graduation occasion


Emirati actress Ahlam of the young artist Hala Al Turk participated in the occasion of her celebration of her graduation day from high school. And a picture of her was published via the “Stories” feature on her account on “Instagram” with the comment: “Proud girl, dear girl, congratulations on graduation, oh Lord of your days, success, health and happiness.”

Hala published the commentary with the reply: “Thank you, Mama, dreams of your lifetime. You are with me and help me in everything. Do not forget please for the rest of my life.”

A number of active accounts on the application of photos and videos re-published the image, which sparked a wide wave of comments, as many saw this as a sympathy for the star who celebrated the occasion away from her mother Mona Al-Saber and her father, producer Mohamed Al-Turk.

It is noteworthy that the latter did not attach any importance to the topic and did not comment on her daughter’s graduation on her accounts on the websites. On the other hand, the Turk, through his account on “Instagram”, wrote a letter to a solution in which he wrote: “My dear daughter, congratulations, my young princess graduated, no matter how old you will be, my little girl. I apologize because I was not able to be with you at this moment, but God forbid and did not want to do this is the least thing we can express our love for you, my little girl. Congratulations, soul of the heart of Baba, my dear daughter, with great success and wonderful excellence. A thousand, a thousand, a thousand congratulations .


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