In your backyard … 6 things inside your home that carry a SK infection


Some of the things that are found in the home can transmit the Corona virus to you, so be careful of these things that should represent a risk sign for the transmission of infection to you, do not be fooled that your stay at home will protect you from infection by 100% and follow the necessary instructions for prevention, in this report We’ve collected 6 things that may bring you a SK infection inside your home, according to a website Eat .

6 things inside your home that give you a SK infection


Your shoes

In late April, a study found that the Coruna virus could live on the inside the shoesAnd although it’s an unexpected way to move around, you must be safe, you can leave your shoes outside instead of moving anything you brought from the street to your home.


High touch surfaces

Experts said that spreading the Coruna virus from person to person is more common than transmitting infection from surfaces, but it can happen if you touch an infected surface, then touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.

To be safe, wipe high-touch surfaces such as light switches, burner knobs and remote controls regularly, and wash your hands with soap and water.


Door handles

Experts believe that the Corona virus can live on plastic and steel surfaces for up to three days (although the amount of the applicable virus begins to deteriorate almost immediately).

Make sure to wipe these super-touch surfaces often.


Your keys or bag

If you touch your keys, then forget and touch your face, you can catch the virus, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer anytime you handle the keys.

Avoid putting your bag or backpack on your bed, sofa, or kitchen table.


your phone

Cleanse your mobile phone regularly, some experts recommend it daily especially during the cold and flu season Use a disinfectant napkin or a homemade mixture of 50% alcohol and 50% water.


The mask or gloves

If you wear disposable plastic mask and gloves on your weekly trip to the grocery store.

But if you do not dispose of gloves before touching your car door, steering wheel or door handle at home, you can bring the virus to your home.

If you’re wearing gloves in public, throw them and if you don’t, use a hand sanitizer before touching the items in your car.

Wash your hands frequently, and wash any fabric mask you wear after each use.

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