Information Minister: Egypt has managed to manage the Corona crisis to a large extent


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Osama Haykal, the Minister of State for Information, said that there is no accurate information about the Corona virus so far, and the correct thing to prevent the spread of the virus is wearing a muzzle and achieving social distancing.

Heikal continued, during his dialogue with the program “End of the Day” broadcast on the “An-Nahar” satellite channel, on Tuesday evening, that the “Corona” virus in Egypt 90 days ago, and the number of infections did not exceed 25 thousand cases, and this means that Egypt succeeded in managing the crisis so far.

He pointed out that the state has implemented the complete curfew twice without authorizing this, and this happened in Sham Al-Naseem, and giving employees rent for the feast up to 8 days, with the disruption of public transportation, the suspension of trains and the metro, and the closure of parks and malls.

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