Inlaid dress and the joy of “Open Air” .. the appearance of the wife of Mustafa Mohamed, the Zamalek striker at the wedding


Relationships and society

Mustafa Muhammad and his bride

Mostafa Mohamed, the Zamalek striker and Olympic team, celebrated his wedding today, from a girl called “Hayat”.

The player appeared in a classic black suit, with a white shirt and a black tie.

The bride appeared in a fluffy wedding dress, inlaid with shiny lobes, with short sleeves and neck, also inlaid with lobes, with a wedding veil that hid her hair, and makeup in nude colors.

The ceremony came in an open space, “Open Air”, in the presence of the relatives of the couple and some friends of Mustafa Mohamed, from the sports community, most notably Youssef Obama, and Abdullah Jumaa, Zamalek players, and the pictures showed the lack of commitment of the attendees to wear masks.

The player had decided to celebrate those days, taking advantage of the interruption in sports activity due to the Coruna virus.


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