Inquire about the July 2020 landline telephone bill and the method of payment


Telecom Egypt customers are now searching through the global search engine «Google» to inquire about the July telephone bill and method of payment.

The constitution provides readers with the steps to inquire about a phone bill and how to pay

Inquire about the landline phone bill for July 2020

Telecom Egypt customers can inquire about the phone bill for July 2020, through simple steps:

  • Log in at the Telecom Egypt link from here
  • Its province code number is entered.
  • The phone number to be queried is entered.
  • Click on Show billing value.

Inquire about the landline phone bill 2020

Telecom Egypt has reduced the subscription price for the 35 fixed-line package to just 20 pounds for a period of three months, with new customers exempting installation fees for the new lines.Inquiries about the landline phone bill are made through Telecom Egypt through (mobile service vehicles in the streets and public squares).

Methods of paying the landline phone bill

Telecom Egypt customers can pay the fixed-line telephone bill by going to the company’s outlet or headquarters in its various branches in the country.Customers can also pay the bill through mobile service cars in the streets and public squares.

The company has provided its customers with other payment methods through the “Fawry, My Services, Bee, Masary and Aman” companies’ collection outlets. This service is available everywhere in the governorates of Egypt, where it is available in major and small stores, kiosks and some pharmacies.

As well as the possibility of paying the bill through the official website of the company, by paying with a credit card without the need to crowd the streets.

The landline telephone bill can also be paid through the Egyptian postal outlets.

Or, through the “we pay” application, which allows customers to open an electronic wallet, put cash in it, and electronic payment through it.

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It is noteworthy that the company issues landline bills divided into four quarterly installments, through the January bill, which includes the months of January, February, and March, then the April bill, which includes the months of April, May, June, and then the July bill, which includes months July, August, September, and then the October invoice, which includes the months of October, November, December, and the invoice value is issued on the 15th of the month, and the repayment period continues without a fine for a month, then the heat is raised until the invoice is paid.

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