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The observatory: insurrection and insurrection in the ranks of mercenaries ...

Source: Tunisia – Iram News

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed on Sunday evening that the Syrian mercenaries are in Libya They live in chaos and disobedience, against the backdrop of the difficult conditions they face, due to the failure of Turkey to fulfill its promises towards them, as well as the large number of deaths and injuries among them, by the Libyan army forces.

The Syrian Observatory reported that the Syrian mercenary elements incurred losses in the fighting axes against the Libyan National Army, as one of the mercenaries was reported to have been placed in headquarters close to the Libyan army position and its fire range, noting that they were subjected to mortar shelling, even that one strike targeted one of their headquarters 6 of them were killed.


One of the most important reasons that sparked a state of insubordination among mercenaries – according to the observatory – is not to pay their financial dues despite the Turkish promises to spend them periodically in exchange for their fight in Libya and the conclusion of contracts with them, but the Turkish side failed to implement what was promised.

The observatory talked about the discovery of mercenaries what he said was a Turkish deception they were subjected to when they were recruited in Syria, and the lies that the Turkish side created to persuade them, including the alleged confrontation and revenge against Russian forces in Libya, as well as fighting alongside the Turkish forces.

The Observatory noted an audio recording of one of the fighters there, in which he talked about everyone regretting coming to Libya and that they were involved, calling on those wishing to go to Libya to back down from their decision because the situation is not good at all, stressing that the Turks failed to pay the fighters ’dues of $ 2000 a month. the one.


And the Syrian mercenary continues, saying, “We live in the bunker and even cigarettes do not get them most of the time, we cannot get out of the bunker because the area is full of cells belonging to the Libyan army,” saying, “Everyone wants to return to Syria and there are batches preparing to return through the Legion of the Levant.”

According to the Syrian Observatory, the mercenaries are disappointed with the continued secret migration through the Libyan coasts to Europe, especially with the infiltration of nearly 150 fighters to Italian territory in January 2020, due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic or the launch of the “European Irini” to monitor the implementation of the United Nations resolution to prevent Supplying arms to Libya, which led to the arrest of illegal immigrants, and the preparation of camps for them.


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