Irrigation: The Ethiopian paper on the Renaissance Dam represents a complete regression around M.


11:24 PM

Thursday 11 June 2020

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The irrigation ministers in Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia held today, the third meeting on the rules for filling and operating the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which was consultations that had begun mid-week, at the initiative of the brotherly Republic of Sudan, where a paper presented by Ethiopia included a vision on the method of filling and operating the dam Renaissance.

Egypt, as well as Sudan, expressed reservations about the Ethiopian paper, as it represents a complete retreat from the principles and rules previously agreed upon by the three countries in the negotiations that took place with the participation and sponsorship of the United States and the World Bank, and even waste all technical understandings reached in previous rounds of negotiations.

Egypt stressed its continued adherence to the agreement reached in the course of the negotiations that took place in Washington, as it is an equitable and balanced agreement and enables Ethiopia to achieve its development goals while preserving the rights of the downstream country.

Egypt stressed the need for Ethiopia to review its position that impedes the possibility of reaching an agreement, and Egypt stressed that Ethiopia refrain from taking any unilateral measures in violation of its legal obligations, especially the provisions of the Declaration of Principles Agreement concluded in 2015, because of the complexity of this Ethiopian approach to the situation may lead To worsen the situation in the whole region.

Egypt stressed the importance of Ethiopia negotiating in good faith, similar to the approach that Egypt has taken since the negotiations began in order to sign a fair agreement that takes into account the interests of all.

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