Is the dream close? .. 4 billion doses of vaccine against Corona soon


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There is no doubt that Emerging virus It still holds the world, despite the progress that most countries have made in surrounding it. At a time when countries are racing to reach the expected vaccine, when the exact date for producing an effective vaccine remains unknown, an important scientific alliance has sent messages of reassurance and satisfaction to the whole world.

The largest manufacturing expert at an important institution focused on preparing for and responding to epidemics and supporting nine potential vaccines for Corona announced that the organization has identified two factories that have the capacity to produce four billion doses annually.

James Robinson, a long-standing bio pharmacy executive leading the broad industrialization drive for the Alliance for Epidemiology and Innovation, said in an interview with Reuters that the alliance planned to choose two or three plants to manufacture each vaccine.

Robinson also explained that “at the present time, we know that we can produce two billion doses that we define as a kind of minimum for what we target,” adding that the coalition intends to have between eight to ten regional distribution sites “so that we do not have to do everything centrally, then Try to ship it around the world. ”

Although no vaccine has yet been approved, the coalition already has a request list for manufacturing and supply chains to ensure that vaccines against SK are distributed evenly around the world.

829 million dollars

The alliance, which is based in Oslo, the Norwegian capital, has the support of 14 governments, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the British Wellcome Group. And distributed $ 829 million to date for research on a vaccine for coronavirus through partnership agreements with developers, hoping some of them will succeed.

“Most people do not believe that four billion doses are possible, and I think it is possible,” said Robinson, a coalition manufacturing consultant who worked for some of the world’s largest vaccine manufacturers, including Sanofi and Merck.

He stressed that the coalition has developed a manufacturing plan based on the capabilities of manufacturers and the specific needs of different vaccines. He said the alliance took into account ensuring that work to produce a vaccine to prevent Covid-19 disease does not marginalize other vital vaccines, an issue that was of particular concern to the least developed countries.

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