Is “the water running back” between Ahmed Flux and here is Shiha


A state of controversy was raised and questions among the pioneers of the social networking site, about the relationship of the Egyptian artist Ahmed Flux with his female artist here, Shiha, after the first publication of a picture that brings them together, and it seems that love still exists between them .. Will they return again.

The artist, Ahmed Flux, published a picture that he gathered with Shiha here during their marriage contract, through his account on the social networking site “Instagram”, commenting: “Who is the closest and cleanest who I know … and who is the best and the best in my life … at the grandfather always in my back ..May God perpetuate our life.

As previously, their marriage was announced in October 2018, and pictures of the marriage contract were published after a simple family party, but they separated at the twos wish, as they agreed to this, and Shiha announced her official separation, in July 2019.

It is worth noting, that the duo got to know each other during the scenes of the series “Nassabi and Qasatkom”, a work that witnessed the story of their love.


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