Is there a second wave of “Corona” in Egypt? … Global health clarifies


11:36 am

Wednesday 10 June 2020

Books – Ahmed Jumaa:

Dr. Maha Talaat, regional adviser for antimicrobial resistance at the WHO regional office, said that Egypt was still in the first wave of the outbreak of the “Corona virus … Covid-19”.

This came during a press conference held by the Regional Office of the World Health Organization today, Wednesday, by video on the latest developments of the disease “emerging Corona virus .. COVID-19”.

Talat added: “We have noticed in many countries in the region that a second wave of the virus has occurred after the receding of the first wave and after the easing of the procedures followed, for example, Iran, which witnessed an increase in the number of infections again.”

She made it clear to Egypt; It is still in the first wave, and there has not been a decline in numbers until now. After this wave has ended, we may see other waves in Egypt, as happened in some European countries, and an increase in the number of cases occurs with them.

“If the second wave occurred, then by intensive measures, it could recede again,” Talat said.

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