Italian medical expert: Corona is “aging” and 100 times weaker than March


Professor Massimo Clemente, director of the Laboratory for Microbiology, Microbiology and Virology at the San Rafael Hospital in Milan, Italy, said, “The Corona virus has progressed, but it has become less dangerous and 100 times weaker than it appeared in March.”

Clemente indicated in an interview with the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” that “I am continuing the ongoing studies with new patients, and I am also communicating with colleagues in the United States of America in cooperation with my good colleague Silvestri, and colleagues all over the world that I communicate with, they tell us the same note The Corona virus is now 100 times weaker than it started, and it is now in the “aging” phase.

Clemente explained for several weeks that “the clinical picture has changed, and in particular, the serious cases that we saw a lot at the beginning of this epidemic are diminishing, so we no longer receive patients who must be transferred immediately to the intensive care unit and subject to auxiliary breathing, through respirators, This led to a decrease in ICU admission cases, which led to the question whether there was any viral change.

The Italian professor explained that these changes are not due to mutations, but rather due to another characteristic: virulence, explaining “the amount of virus present in patients who came to us in May is much less than those who arrived in March, and in some cases” is even less than 100 times, it is a macroscopic difference. Completely.


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