Its fighters in Libya .. Turkey accuses France of a “destructive approach”


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While Turkey continues to transfer new batches of mercenaries to Libya, to fight alongside the Al-Wefaq government against the Libyan army, according to what the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed yesterday, tensions between Ankara and Paris have escalated.

After he criticized aFor the French head Emmanuel Macron scathingly Turkish policy towards the Libyan crisis, accusing Ankara of transferring extremists to the country, and bearing it “historical and criminal responsibility” in the country that is experiencing a devastating war, the Turkish response came, Tuesday.

In a strongly worded statement, the Turkish Foreign Ministry accused France of adopting a “destructive” approach in Libya, and Foreign Minister, Mevlut Chaucoglu, said during a press conference in Ankara, “France, which is led by Macron or rather not currently able to lead it, is not present (in Libya) except To achieve its interests with a destructive mentality. ”

This came, after Macron accused Turkey of importing extremists to Libya extensively, describing Ankaras intervention as “criminal”, saying “I think it is a historical and criminal responsibility of a country that claims to be a member of NATO.”

It is noteworthy that the relations between France and Turkey, the two partners in NATO, have deteriorated in recent weeks due to several files, most notably Libya and northern Syria, and drilling in the eastern Mediterranean.

Mercenaries of Turkey

As for transporting mercenaries to Libya, the observatory indicated in its most recent report on Libya that the number of Syrian mercenaries reached more than 15,000, indicating that some of these returnees from Tripoli confirmed that there is a Turkish military operation “ready” to try to control Sirte and the oil regions of Libya.

He also indicated that new batches were transferred over the past few days, coinciding with the continued return of hundreds of fighters to Syria.

The number of conscripts who have gone to Libyan territory thus far has reached about 15,100 “mercenaries” of Syrian nationality, about 3,200 of whom have returned to Syria, while Turkey continues to bring more faction elements to their camps and training, according to the observatory.

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