Jihad film scandal .. Egyptian depicts his wife during intercourse with their friend in Giza


A scandal .. An Egyptian depicts his wife during intercourse with their friend in Giza

Security services investigations and details revealed it spread on social media and a network of a woman and two men during the practice of vice.

It turned out that the accused couple and their friend filmed the video for posting on the social media pages to invite the vice and attract the perpetrators of the forbidden pleasure.

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Investigations revealed that the accused husband photographed the clip in order to earn profits behind him, as he photographed his wife Jihad, and she was cohabiting with another person.

The security services had succeeded in seizing a woman, her husband, and another person after they published a sexual video on the Internet, where the specialized services monitored a video clip that included the appearance of a woman and a man practicing obscenity. The camera sends a message, “Do by any labor for your audience.”

Immediately, a research team was formed to identify and arrest the defendants by tracing the page that broadcasted the video, and the defendants were identified, ambushed, arrested and confronted.

After the codification of the procedures, the accused and her husband and another were arrested in one of the Giza districts, and upon confronting them with video, they confessed to the crime.


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