John Bolton faces a lawsuit from the US administration to stop the publication of his memoirs


John Bolton

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Bolton worked as a national security adviser for the Trump administration between 2018-2019

The US Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit to prevent the former National Security Adviser, John Bolton, from publishing his new book on his tenure at the White House.

The book includes “confidential information,” according to the complaint filed.

The move comes one day after US President Donald Trump said Bolton might face “criminal problems” over the publication of the book.

The book, “The Chamber that Saw the Event,” is scheduled to be published on June 23.

Trump, Monday, told reporters, “I will regard every conversation with me as president very confidential. Therefore, what it means to compose and publish a book is that he violated the law and I suspect he will face criminal problems.”

However, the Civil Rights Association, an American non-profit organization, said that “any efforts by the Trump administration to prevent John Bolton from publishing his book are doomed to failure.”

Bolton’s lawyer, Charles Cooper, said they were studying the case and “would respond to it in due course.”

In January, the White House said the draft book contained “very classified” details that should be deleted although Bolton rejects this statement.

However, the allegations that the book’s manuscript is said to include – including that Trump withdrew military aid to pressure Ukrainian President Vladimir Zielinsky to initiate a corruption investigation into Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter – formed an essential part of President Trump’s trial that was scheduled for Earlier this year.

The president denied Bolton’s statement on the matter and Trump was acquitted after a two-week trial in the Republican-controlled Senate, in which no witnesses participated.

Bolton joined the White House in April 2018 and left in September of the following year, saying he had decided to leave as a national security adviser. However, President Trump said he sacked Bolton because he had “disagreed” with him.

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