Johnny Depp’s birthday … material losses and permanent malaise due to his loose Amber Hurd


Airy and moody, so crises are associated with him even though he is one of the most popular and popular American movie stars around the world. He is the global superstar Johnny Depp who today marks his 57th birthday.

Years passed and the perpetrator and victim in the Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Hurd series, which has gone on for 3 years, did not know, where each of them exchanges accusations of violence, betrayal and lying, and on the birthday of the blonde American actress,

Which falls on the 22nd of April, we are observing a story caused by a permanent disability of “Johnny Depp”.

Johnny Depp said that he lied to everyone in March 2015 and did not reveal that it was Amber Heard who did this thing to preserve her since it was one month since they got married, pointing out that he claimed that he injured his fingers when he collided in the accordion door at his home.

“This is not what happened,” Johnny Depp said, according to the British Daily Mail newspaper. “Umber Hurd threw a bottle of vodka that hit my finger.”

Johnny Depp has suffered most in recent years is his ongoing differences with his former wife, American actress Amber Hurd, which has caused him many losses.

The first loss Johnny Depp paid huge material compensation upon separation because of her concern that he had beaten her more than once and caused her severe wounds.

And the second loss, Johnny Depp’s popularity declined significantly around the world and he did not receive cinematic performances because of his crisis with “Amber” that made him appear criminal and the victim.

The third loss, which was like a thunderbolt on the face of “Johnny Depp” is his exclusion from the Pirates of Caribbean film series where the international star confirmed that Amber Hurd was the one who crept into the production company and persuaded them to exclude him from the film, although it achieved through great success.

Johnny Depp recently decided to take revenge by asking him to pay $ 50 million in compensation for defaming him.


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