Juba TV: South Sudan gives Egypt a military base


Juba TV said that the government of South Sudan agreed to Egypt’s request to build a military base in the Bagac region, a former opposition stronghold located in Mayotte district in Upper Nile state, according to military sources.

And Juba TV quoted a high-ranking military official as saying that the base would include about 250 Egyptian soldiers, clearly prepared for all possibilities related to the construction of a huge dam by Ethiopia, which Egypt opposes the terms of its implementation.

“The government of the Republic of South Sudan and the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces agreed to allocate land to our Egyptian brothers, who asked for a plot of land in eastern (South Sudan) to place their forces,” he added.

This would “help in the development of the country,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

For his part, a South Sudanese Foreign Ministry official told the SSNN newspaper that the land would only be used for development purposes that Egypt had pledged to provide to the smallest country in the world.

“The Egyptians will use the land to provide the much needed development of the Republic of South Sudan,” the source said.

“The only country in Africa that has been alongside us for the past decade since we gained our independence is Egypt,” he said, adding that they continue to provide us with the services that our people need.

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