Khaled Al-Nabawi joins “Qamar 14”


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Publication date: Saturday, June 20, 2020 – 23:35

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        Producer Ahmed Al-Subki signed a contract with actor Khaled Al Nabawi for a new movie.<p>Al-Subki posted on his Facebook page a picture of him in the company of Al-Nabawi and commented a writer: "Moon 14 soon."


It is mentioned that there was a movie that was presented in 1950 with the same name “Qamar 14”, and it was starring Kamilia, Mahmoud Zulfiqar, Hassan Fayek and Abdel Fattah Al-Qasari and directed by Niazi Mustafa.

Khaled Al-Nabawy participated in the Ramadan 2020 season, in the series “When We Was Young,” directed by Muhammad Ali and written by Ayman Salama and starring Reham Hajjaj Mahmoud Hamida and Karim Qasim, Nisreen Amin, Nabeel Issa, Mahmoud Hijazi and Hani Adel.

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