Khartoum: Referral of the Renaissance Dam file to heads of government of Egypt, Sudan, and Eth


06:08 PM

Saturday 20 June 2020

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the file of the Renaissance Dam was referred to the heads of government of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan, with the aim of reaching a political consensus that would in turn lead to the resumption and completion of negotiations as soon as possible.
The ministry said, in a statement, as quoted by the “Sky News Arabia” network, today, Saturday, that the dispute still exists on some legal issues, which necessitated referring the file to the prime ministers of the three countries.
She added that Sudan categorically rejects any unilateral move that would harm Sudan by starting the process of filling the Renaissance Dam without reaching an agreement.
She continued, “The recent rounds of negotiations on the Renaissance Dam have made tangible progress, which strengthens the conviction of the importance of the three countries’ adherence to the option of negotiation as the best way to reach a comprehensive agreement.”
On Friday, Egypt announced that it had formally submitted a request to the United Nations Security Council on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, calling on the Council to intervene in order to emphasize the importance of the three countries, Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan, continuing to negotiate in good faith in implementation of their obligations in accordance with the rules of international law in order to reach a fair and balanced solution. The issue of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, and the failure to take any unilateral measures that might affect the chances of reaching an agreement.
According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday, Egypt’s speech to the Security Council was based on Article 35 of the United Nations Charter, which allows member states to alert the Council to any crisis that would threaten international peace and security.
Egypt took this decision in light of the faltering of the negotiations that took place recently on the Renaissance Dam as a result of the Ethiopian positions that are not positive, which comes within the framework of the continuous approach in this regard over a decade of painstaking negotiations, through many tripartite negotiating rounds as well as negotiations held in Washington under the auspices of the United States And the participation of the World Bank, which resulted in reaching an agreement that takes into account the interests of the three countries and which was rejected by Ethiopia, and to the last round of negotiations which he thankfully thanked brother Sudan and made efforts to reach a fair and balanced agreement that takes into account the interests of all parties.

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