Kuwaiti journalist Saleh Al-Rashid responds in a special way to skeptics of his manhood (video)


Kuwaiti journalist Saleh Al-Rashed responds ...

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Source: Salah Hassan – Toss News

Kuwaiti media response Saleh Al-Rashed In a special way for skeptics of his manliness because of the lengthening of his hair, expressing his dissatisfaction with the rulings of some masses on celebrities, especially those that amount to insult and insult.

Al-Rashid posted on his account on “Instagram” a short video clip showing him shaking his hair, commenting on him saying that he will not shorten his hair due to the rulings of some of him, and no one will be allowed to interfere in his personal freedom, because he does not detract from his manhood, in addition to that he intends to Donate his hair for cancer patients.

Al-Rashed said: “Right, I have lengthened my hair, what is a problem, no issue, and does not detract from the man’s masculinity.

He added: “And I wouldn’t cut my hair for anyone. When I decided to cut it, I would cut it in my way like what everyone in you is doing, how everything equates, nor because I am a well-known or well-known person.

Al-Rashid asserted to the audience: “You have the right to say sweet or not sweet, like expressing an opinion, but you are swearing and throwing ugly words expressing your own souls, this is due to you, you do not return to me.”

The Kuwaiti journalist went on to say: “I have the right to change in my form, as what my father and first man and no other young man prolong and maintain his hair, so remember God and say what God wills,” concluding: “And by the idea of ​​how long my hair is longer, I will go to zero and donate to my beloved cancer hero “.


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