Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior intensifies its efforts to seize an Arab who assaulted an Egyptian doctor


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The security forces concerned with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior are intensifying their efforts to arrest an Arab expat, on charges of assaulting an Egyptian doctor and breaking his leg.

The operations room of the Kuwaiti Ministry of the Interior had received a communication that a person in a national dress assaulted an Egyptian doctor inside the North Sulaibiya dispensary, so a number of security men immediately went to the author’s site; Where it was found that the doctor is not able to walk, and that he suffers from excruciating pain, to be referred by ambulance to Jahra Hospital, and by means of radiology it was found that there was a leg fracture.

By asking the doctor, he stated that a person and his son entered the clinic, and a conversation took place among them, but he was surprised by the person who beat him, before he left quickly and by reviewing the clinic cameras, the identity of the aggressor was identified, and legal measures were taken against him; Where an Al-Jahra prosecutor ordered that he be quickly arrested and brought in.

The prosecutor also instructed that the case be classified as a (felony), after receiving the doctor’s medical report, which included a leg fracture as a result of the defendant using excessive violence with the doctor.

For his part, a security source confirmed that the arrest of the expatriate will take place within a short period of time, especially that his identity has been determined through the civil ID he used in the dispensary, which belongs to his sick son.

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