Latifa expresses her home boredom in this way


Tunisian actress Latifa has expressed her annoyance and boredom for staying at home for long periods of time, since the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

Latifa wrote on her Twitter account: “I frankly, I started hoping from Al-Qaida. No travel, no sea, no vacation? Give me suggestions, may God be patient with us. ”

Frankly, I started hoping from the base and did not know that he had taken any decision for many years. You spent the summer without parties. What is the solution? No travel, no sea, no vacation? Give me suggestions … May God be patient

On the other hand, the Tunisian star Latifa released her latest new song, “The Sun”, through her own channel on “YouTube”, and the image was filmed on the video clip method, which is from the words of Yassine El Hamzawy, composed and distributed by Amin El Kalsi.


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