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Apple, the American technology giant, unveiled its new operating system, iOS 14, at its annual developer conference held Monday, across the Internet, which saw the launch of 13 new innovative technologies and features.

The new system has witnessed the biggest changes to the operating system of the Apple phones, the main “iOS”, among them the biggest change on the main screen in years.

Craig Fedregi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, said during the event that the new version of iOS 14 includes an entirely new home screen for the system.

The company allowed, through the new system, to add tools to the main screen to be side by side with user applications, as they appear together for the first time, as tools can be added and customized easily.

Apple has added a new Smart Stack widget, which automatically displays related apps in a way that most understands user needs.

Apple also announced a way to display a library of new applications that automatically organize applications into new groups and lists, and thanks to this method the user can hide apps on the home screen, and comes with smart grouping features, such as automatically pulling all (Apple Arcade) games in one go.

New feature

In another new feature, the company added a system-wide (image in image) feature to videos, just as it is in (macOS), as videos can be scrolled over apps, adjusted in size, and pulled on the side of the screen to continue playing in the background.

The company has added new enhancements to its voice assistant (Siri), and it will appear with a new larger cartoon icon that appears upon call, and will now support sending voice messages.

As part of a new translation app, Apple has added improved audio support to its voice assistant, and it will help with translations that will work even offline completely.

And the US technology giant revealed on Monday that (Siri) now serves 25 billion requests per month.

Apple Messages

The company explained that “iOS 14” supports the application (Apple Messages) with new features, most notably group messages, with support for the included responses and better notification options, as the user can install the most important conversations, in addition to new (Memoji) options.

(App Library) works to group applications into special folders, instead of leaving dozens of applications on the screen and the difficulty in moving between them, and it became possible to delete application pages and thus convert the many applications into folders on one page, and these folders will bring similar applications together in one place to make access to them Easier, the same way on Android OS.

(App Library) allows more control over the form of the home screen and the location of application or widget shortcuts. Instead of restricting the widget to the left of the screen to an iPhone, there will be the ability to change its location and position between applications.

Among the new features in the system “iOS 14” there was a feature present to the developers and help them to encourage users to download their applications under the name (App Clips), and the feature allows users to experience a specific feature of the applications without downloading the application completely on their devices.

The new system will also provide a new feature to monitor hand-washing as the watch recognizes that the user is washing his hands through the movement of hands and capturing the sound of water, thus alerting him in the event that the period was not sufficient for a complete cleanliness to wash his hand well.


Among the conference activities, Apple announced a new update to the current AirPods through the operating system, the first of which is the ability of the headsets now to disconnect a phone and call another faster and smoother.

For example, if you watched content on an iPad and closed the iPad and moved to the iPhone, the headset will work automatically without the need to reconnect each time.

In addition, the AirPods Pro will get the Surround Sound feature which is a great feature for watching movies or playing combat games that depend on the location of the enemy, and the new feature will use the acceleration sensor and will also support the type of 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos surround.

Tim Cook opened the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2020 by announcing the company’s sympathy for George Floyd, a victim of the US police, and a reminder that America was built on freedom and justice.

The Apple Developers Conference around the world is one of the company’s biggest events this year, as it attracts application developers from all over the world. The conference will last for 5 days and witness the announcement of many products, especially new versions of operating systems, and new hardware upgrades.

The company is holding the event “by default” for the first time in its 31-year history due to the Corona virus pandemic.



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