Lebanese Prime Minister: the coup attempt fell, and people’s deposits are reserved


06:12 PM

Saturday 13 June 2020


Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab said that the coup attempt had fallen, and that all secret and public meetings, agreements above and below the table, and operations orders had not succeeded in overthrowing the anti-corruption workshop, according to the National Information Agency.

Diab said in a speech addressed to the Lebanese, today, Saturday, to “begin with the knowledge of the black architecture that smells of corruption”, promising to “reveal through the documents about this corruption and hiding in its corners soon.”

Diab called the Lebanese to “more patience because the battle with the corrupt is difficult and these people will not give up easily,” explaining that “the government laid the foundations for the fight against corruption.”

Diab added that “the government will not be silent on its burden and the policies that led the country to the disaster.”

The Prime Minister stated: “There are those who want to go back to before October 17 and turn the clock back, and there are those who want to fortify its walls in order to deceive people of the trick of disposing of people’s money.”

Diab continued, saying: “The government will not remain forever, but we are not and will not be, and we will not allow playing with people’s deposits and will not allow them to remain just numbers.”

Diab stressed that “the state is not bankrupt, and that people’s deposits are preserved, but we must protect the state.”

Diab went on to say: “We want to make the change you want and achieve the dream of the state and to trust our state, but we face armed walls that stand in the way of our dreams and political barriers blocking our path,” declaring that “change is inevitably coming, no matter how much they try to obstruct it.”

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