Libya: Central support units for the army from Benghazi arrive in Sirte


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Libyan military sources reported that units of the “Central Support Forces” from the city of Benghazi arrived in Sirte, Libya, with the aim of securing the city and the Libyan army units moving to the front lines On the fronts, where the confrontations revolve With the militias loyal to the Turkish-backed Al-Wefaq government.

Sirte is witnessing remarkable security stability after the arrival of military reinforcements for the Libyan National Army, according to the sources of the Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath channels.

The sources confirmed the continued calm caution in the areas of West Sirte, the steam station and the Gate of Thirty, while the Turkish-backed Al-Wefaq militia formations continue to send reinforcements from the Misrata city battalions to Bugreen and Al-Washaka.

And focus Militia supported by the reconciliation government She now campaigned to storm the coastal city of Sirte. Early this week, violent clashes erupted near the city of Sirte.

And allow control of Sirte Access to the vast oil fields of the country secured by the Libyan National Army.

A Turkish official also told Reuters that Russia and Turkey postponed their high-level talks on Libya, which were scheduled to be held in Istanbul on Sunday, due to a dispute regarding the reconciliation government’s effort to regain control of Sirte.

Sirte, located about halfway between Tripoli controlled by the Al-Wefaq government and Benghazi controlled by the Libyan National Army, is the closest city to Libyas main energy export ports.

The city was seized by the army in January, and the new front lines of the conflict were just west of it.

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