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Were it not for the success of the (June 30) revolution, all of Egypt would be in prison. Egypt was going to be a large prison, and the lists were prepared, lists of politicians, media people, journalists, and judges, and all of Egypt’s symbols were around the corner of the prison, but most of them did not know.

Imagine the shape of Egypt if God forbid had failed (the June 30 Revolution), the Brotherhood’s guide would have hung many symbols of this faithful country on the sticks of the gallows beneath the foot of Mokattam, what was intended as a terrible revenge, and the Brotherhood’s brigades that gathered from every deep crushing sit in Rab’a and Al-Nahda, Aqura hordes would have been killed by us that perished plowing and offspring, and a great earthquake occurred, and Al-Mahrousa entered a civil war tunnel left with bloodshed.

If President Sisi had no merit other than his siding with the popular will that embodied millions in the streets, neighborhoods, villages, hamlets, and infidels, then he would not have had courage in front of the Brotherhood challenge in Rabaa and Al-Nahdhah, and human massacres would have occurred on the outskirts, and had it not been for his announcement of the historic statement on July 3 in Rahat From the national symbols, the ancient ship would have had another sailing, which would have been sailing in a sea of ​​blood.

Al-Sisi paid the price of his heart’s blood for his courageous stand in the face of the Brotherhood, and the stance of Assad Hosur, and the Brotherhood would not forget Sisi to remove them from power, they were just around the corner from declaring their alleged caliphate, but unfortunately some of us are under the weight of a political, economic and social circumstance left behind by the lean years and the heirs of being lost. For this man, he forgets this great stance, and turns and denies it.

Imagine if the revolution had failed (30 June), Sisi would have received a “sanmar penalty”, and he would have been condemned, facing a destiny that no man would wish for himself and his family, but he did not fear, nor did he answer, nor did he affect safety, nor did he fear brothers, Americans, or Turks, and whoever was to understand In order to enable the Brotherhood from the neck of “Durrat Al Sharq”, the Brotherhood spent the expenditures of those who are not afraid of poverty and are still aborting a people’s revolution, and enabling the guide to monitor us.

Moon (June 30), may we be reminded of what we have forgotten or forgotten, and an opportunity for remembrance, and the memory is beneficial to the turn-over and those who are looking for a role, and they who cowarded before the Brotherhood’s prowess, squeezed lemons, and ate olives, were deceiving their homeland and their people in the brotherhood, and now they bully a pregnant man. His head was on his hand and he made an offering and redemption for the Egyptian people.

And he does not forget his fairness in the sway of the Brotherhood, “The hand of those who extend it to you is cut off,” he said, and he is a defense minister in the face of a terrorist group that threatened him through the words of its deputy leader, “Oh, we judge you, we kill you”, and he went out to meet his people’s roar in the fields, drawn from the good ones, a force that is still pushing him to date to complete The road map to exit Egypt from the economic tunnel to which the Brotherhood brought us with a criminal scheme that destroyed tourism, dried up remittances, destroyed the economic structure and darkened the country .. Our President Sisi did a good bias to the revolution of the people of Egypt the day he abandoned the near and far .. Blessed.

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