List of the most prominent Arab and foreign films to watch on “Netflix”


Netflix includes a long list of Arab works, but some of them achieve higher visibility Most Viewed List On the platform. Here is a sample:

Roll and spin

A fun-loving bachelor goes on a romantic trip, but ends up pretending to be married to a stranger to take advantage of the reservation. The work is starring Ahmed Helmy, Donia Samir Ghanem and Sabreen, and directed by Khaled Merhi.

Miss Mami
This comedy revolves around a lady sleeping on the plane to wake up and find herself a housewife with three children in an alternate world. The film is starring Yasmine Abdel Aziz, Hassan Al-Raddad, Ahmed Fouad Selim, and directed by Wael Ihsan.

El Armouti in the land of fire
It was directed by Ahmed Al-Badri, starring Ahmed Adam, Badria Tolba, and Shaima Seif. His story revolves around a terrorist organization holding a bitchy man while on vacation in a coastal resort.

Answer of arrest
Starring Mohammed Ramadan, Dina El-Sherbiny, and Iyad Nassar, directed by Mohamed Sami. He talks about a man who regrets his choices when his brother decides to join him as a member of the same terrorist organization.

After her pregnancy, an unmarried Moroccan woman faces a prison sentence while her wealthy family pressures her to get to know the father of her child and marry him. The film is starring Maha Alimi, Sarah Pearl and Hamza Khafif, and directed by Maryam Bin Mubarak.

“Dashra” is a Tunisian horror film whose story revolves around students investigating a woman who was found half-slaughtered 20 years ago. She is in a mental hospital and is suspected of practicing black magic and sorcery. The film is starring Yasmine Dimasi, Aziz Jabali, Bilal Slatnieh, and Bahri Rahhali, and directed by Abdel Hamid Bouchnak.

Starring Amina Khalil, Ahmed Dawoud, Ahmed Al-Fishawi, and Mohammed Lutfi, and directed by Yasser Al-Yasiri. It revolves around a couple facing a disaster inside what appears to be a hospital, and they try to escape to save their lives.

Beautiful dogs
The events in this Tunisian film are inspired by a true story that occurred on September 3, 2012, when a girl was raped by Aouni Amen, who entered into a cycle of physical and psychological pain because the referee is the same opponent. The work is written by Kawthar Bin Haniyeh and starring Maryam Al-Farajani, Ghanem Al-Zarli, Numan Hamdeh, Muhammad Al-Akkari, Shadly Arfaoui, and Anisa Dawood.

The palm of the moon
To fulfill her husband’s dream of building a home, she sends her five children’s widow to earn money in Cairo, where they experience poverty. The work is directed by Khaled Youssef, and starring Wafa Amer, Houria Farghali, Sabri Fawaz, and Hassan Al-Raddad.

Sheikh Jackson
The story revolves around a sheikh who is in a faith crisis after the death of the pop star, Michael Jackson. The film is directed by Amr Salama, and starring Ahmed Al-Fishawy, Ahmed Malik, Majed Al-Kadwani and Amina Khalil.

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Globally, it published a newspaper “The New York Times” List of the best works according to their classification. This is a sample of the most notable:

The Social Network

The film tells the story of Mark Zuckerberg and his founding journey to Facebook, the broadest and most influential and controversial social network, with the help of his friend, Eduardo Saffren.

The Irishman
A well-known epic crime crime film directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Stephen Zalian, starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Bisque.

Marriage Story
A theater director and his actress wife struggle through a difficult divorce, which pushes them to their limits, whether on a personal or creative level.

A domestic worker helps a couple take care of their four children in Mexico in the 1970s. Problems arise when the husband suddenly escapes with his mistress and the domestic worker discovers she is pregnant.

Taxi Driver
The Navy retired during the Vietnam War worked as a taxi driver in New York City. One day, he is forced to save a minor sex worker from her boss in an attempt to cleanse the city.

The Matrix
The programmer, Thomas Anderson, finds himself in a secret war against powerful computers that have built an entirely virtual reality called “The Matrix”.

The Little Prince
Cartoon movie is a story about a girl who is rediscovering her childhood and learning that human relationships are the most important thing, and how the heart sees what the eye cannot see.

Malcolm X
The controversial activist and leader of the struggle for the liberation of blacks. The film revolves around his imprisonment and how he became a Muslim, then a leader of the “Nation of Islam” movement.

Under the Skin
An alien who disguises himself as a human female and wanders around Scotland in an attempt to seduce men, then sends them to another dimension where they are considered just meat.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
An old film that tells the story of a factory owner gives five children the chance to win loads of candy for life.


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