Live broadcast Watch the Juventus and Genoa match in the Italian League


Mercato Day offers you a live broadcast of the match “Juventus and Genoa” in the most important matches today, Tuesday, 30-30-2020 in the 29th round, in the Italian League.

The match “Juventus and Genoa” will be broadcast on BN Sports 4, with the voice of the Libyan commentator “Mohamed Barakat”, as well as on the French BN Sports 2, and the Irish Premier Sport channel.

The match kicks off at 19:45 GMT, 21:45 Egypt time, 22:45 Saudi time, at the Genoa Luigi Ferraris stadium (Marazzi).

“Juventus” tops the Italian league table with 69 points, 4 points behind the second-placed and his direct competitor to the Scudetto “Lazio”.

On the other hand, “Genoa” club competes to survive the relegation to Serie B, Serie B, as it is in the 16th place with 26 points, with a difference of goals from the 17th place “Sampdoria”, and one point behind the 16th place occupied by “Lecce” ”

The last 5 matches played by the two teams in the Italian League championship, “Juventus” won in all of them, while “Genoa” won two games, lost the same and drew in one match.

It is noteworthy that the last confrontation between “Juventus and Genoa” in Serie A ended with the victory of the Bianconeri with two goals to one goal, in the match that was held at the “Allianz Stadium” on October 30, 2019.

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Juventus 3-1 Genoa

Luigi Ferraris Stadium (Genoa)

Italian League (29th Round)


  • “7🟨 Yellow Card – Favelli – Genoa.
  • 33🟨 Yellow Card – Las Sean – Genoa.
  • “45 + 1 Yellow Card – Bonucci.
  • 46🔄The Genoa Switch – Shone Exit and Larker Exit.
  • 46🔄 Switch to Genoa – Faveli Exit and Descent of Sanabria.
  • “50⚽Gol – Juventus – Paulo Dybala.
  • “Jules – Juventus – Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • “58 صف Yellow Card – Stefano Sturaro – Genoa.
  • 62🔄 The Genoa Switch – Giglione Exit, Barrica Exodus.
  • 66🔄 Juventus’ replacement – Bernardesky exit and Douglas Costa.
  • “70🟨 Yellow Card – Cassata – Genoa.
  • 73⚽Joule – Juventus – Douglas Costa.
  • 74🔄 Juventus replacement – Pjanic exit and Ramsey descent.
  • 74🔄 Juventus’ replacement – the exit of Cristiano Ronaldo and the descent of Higuain.
  • 75🔄 Genoa Switch – Stefano Sturaro Exit and Piraci’s Exodus.
  • “78🔄 Switch to Genoa – Cassata Exit and Pandev Exit.
  • “80🟨 Yellow Card – Massillo – Genoa.
  • 83🔄 Juventus’ replacement – Dybalas exit and the departure of Marco Olvera.
  • “Juventus’ replacement – Rabio exit and Matuidi descent.

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