Magdy Yacoub’s team fulfills the wish of the doctor with vision loss … video


The journalist Sherif Amer said that the team of Dr. Magdy Yaacoub contacted him and asked for the phone number of the doctor Mahmoud Sami He lost his sight during the treatment of Corona virus patients to fulfill his desire to meet Majdi Yaqoub.

For his part, Dr. Mahmoud Sami said: “This news made me very happy that I will meet Dr. Majdi Yaqoub.

Mahmoud Sami added, in a telephone interview with Sharif Amer, on the “Happening in Egypt” program broadcast on MBC Egypt: Majdi Yaqoub is my ideal in life with his great humanity and knowledge, and I was hoping to be his student or his work team. “

Mahmoud Sami revealed the developments of his health, saying: “Some white backgrounds and some imagination started to appear in front of me, and this is a positive development in my case.”

Mahmoud Sami continued, “I am not upset with my injury, and this is a way I must walk, and I do not feel despair, and I continue my journey of treatment until I regain my vision.”

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