Mahmoud Yassin’s son reveals his father’s true birthday: “Myself, sites fix history.”


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Scriptwriter Amr Yassin, misinformation about his father’s birthday, artist Mahmoud Yassin, as it spreads among websites, revealed that on February 19, the artist celebrates his birthday, so he tried to correct it for the followers and clarify the true date of Yassin’s birth.

“Yassin” said on Facebook: “Myself, Wikipedia and some sites are suitable for the father’s birth date. I don’t know. They answered February 19, who is this?” He continued: “Today is Mahmoud Yassin’s birthday, my dear father, who else would not have anything worse, may God protect you and prolong your life and leave you for me, every year and you are good.”

Whereas, the scenario published the artist Salah Abdallah’s “Yassin” greeting, through his personal page, in which he said: “Yahut, we used to tell you Yahut, and I was really in the art of a whale, but in fact, Bo, the sweetest voice and the sweetest look, Yabo the heart of Fella, I was Ideal for the most in simplicity and humility with the little one before the old, every year and I have always attended you well ». The author, Yassin, responded to “Abdullah:” My uncle, Salah Abdullah El-Ghali.

Last Ramadan, the author had finished the series “We Love Tani Les?”, Starring the artists. Yasmine Abdel Aziz, Karim Fahmy and Sherif Mounir, directed by Mostafa Fekry. It revolves around Ghalia, who has problems with her husband, the famous director, Abdullah, and they separate from each other, then he meets Murad Al-Swaify, coincidentally at one of the parties and admires her, but she is afraid to repeat her failed experience and eventually marry him .

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