Majed Sami: Some people misinterpreted the minister of sport’s speech


Majed Sami, Chairman of Wadi Degla Club, confirmed that some people misinterpreted the statements of Sports Minister Ashraf Sobhi, and Sami explained during a phone call to the Zamalkawi program presented by Tariq Yahya on the Zamalek channel screen: Al-Riyadiah next July 25th, leaving the field for the five-year committee to determine the fate of the competitions in agreement with the clubs during a meeting.

And he added: “The minister did not specify whether the resumption of sporting activity would be related to completing the league in the current season, or the start of a new season.”

He continued, “We will abide by a decision Sports Minister The Egyptian government will resume sporting activities, but the club’s meeting with the quinquennial committee is the season in terms of completing the season, setting up a new season, or running in the cup competition only. ”

He ended his speech by saying: “Wadi Degla Club will demand during the Clubs Committee meeting to cancel the current season with the possibility of playing the Egypt Cup only in October, as it is the appropriate time for the emergence of a vaccine for Corona virus.”

Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports, confirmed that the return of the League Championship to life again on July 25, after the players return to team training on June 20, and Ashraf Sobhy explained through special statements to “The Seventh Day”, saying: “The study of the return of sports activity has been delivered to Federations and clubs, especially at the medical level, to implement them and in case of violation of applications, there will be punishment and everyone bears responsibility for himself and instructions for managers of youth and sports directorates to follow the centers ’commitment to instructions and the responsibility of clubs and federations Training of coaches and players to abide by all medical instructions.


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