“Mama Sana” again … prepared against the youngest son!


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Still the repercussions of the death of the famous Egyptian YouTuber“Mama Sana” Continuing to this day, the health authorities in Egypt issued, on Wednesday, an official report against the youngest son of the late woman, accusing him of not adhering to the precautionary measures for domestic isolation for those infected with the emerging coronavirus.

The record indicated that the young man Shadi Ahmad Shaker, had video pictures next to his brother without conducting house isolation in a separate room, based on the instructions he signed, as well as not using the means of protection, which puts others at risk of contracting the epidemic.

In turn, the director of the health department in Kafr El Dawar in the Egyptian Beheira governorate, Dr. Mostafa Hanish, confirmed that legal measures have been taken towards those who violate the terms of domestic isolation, in order to protect the society from the spread of the pandemic, pointing out that the son of the late YouTuber claimed unrealistically not to have a corona, Although all the evidence proves the opposite, including the result of a medical examination that proved positive for carrying the virus, as well as signing a declaration inside the Quarantine Hospital in Kafr El-Dawwar pledging to adhere to the conditions of domestic isolation.

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He also stressed the follow-up of all those infected with the Coronavirus who underwent the home isolation program approved by the Ministry of Health, which includes following up on treating the injured on a daily basis and providing the necessary medical advice and coordination with the health isolation hospitals to transfer them to them in case their health deteriorates.

It is noteworthy that the family of the deceased had accused the doctors of the Mabrrah Kafr El Dawar Hospital in the lake, of negligence and failure to care for her while in the hospital, which led to her death.

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