“Manar Sami” walks along the lines of “Affection Adham” and “Hanin Hosam”


“Stars Media Stars” some people come out to us from time to time under this name, or as they call it “blogger”. A lot of young men and women penetrated the social networking sites and the various pages, and many young people followed them, most of them young people a year or as they are called “the rarest edge” predominantly from the category that was famous on social media and millions around them gathered through views took advantage of that reputation to achieve profits Finance and all of this at the expense of their morals and principles, but exceeded the principles and morals of society itself.

In the past few days, the community’s talk was both affection Adham and Hanin Hosam, especially after their arrest on charges of attacking family values ​​and principles in Egyptian society, and their use and management of various talents and accounts through social networking sites on the International Information Network and the goal of these sites and pages was Facilitate and commit those crimes.

But after the arrest of both “affection Adham” and “Hanin Hayam” a new girl named “Manar Sami” did not differ much from his affection and Hanin and walked their footsteps and became one of the famous media and has a large number of followers and uses social networking sites to appear Through them from time to time, it does not rise and does not fit the principles, morals and world taste, which prompted many of its followers to attack it, but it is unfortunate that many children and young people will take it as a model that can be used as an example.


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