Map of cheating, crowds and the anger of the Minister of Education … Details of the first day of secondary examinations


The first day of the high school exams passed, safely to students and observers, as; Today, the number of those who took the exam in the Arabic language reached nearly 667 thousand students in 56 thousand committees.

The scene that aroused the discontent of many was the parents’ insistence on breaking the instructions, rules and warnings advocated by the Ministry of Education for a long time, not to be in front or in the vicinity of the committees, which showed the schools this morning as a hotbed of the epidemic from the severity of the crowd.

On the other hand, many committees witnessed an exceptional discipline, with police officers preventing any presence of non-students in front of the school, and parents were forced to leave, while the examiners entered the headquarters in long lines, but the general scene created a state of panic among people.

The Minister of Education, Dr. Tariq Shawqi, expressed his deep dissatisfaction with the pictures circulated in front of the general secondary committees and showed the intensity of numbers of parents accompanied by their children, before entering the examination headquarters.

The minister said, “These actions reflect that there is a battle with awareness and behavior, and the ministry is responsible only for education, and for the walls of the school. As for the actions of parents, it is not a responsibility of education.”

Minister of Education, Egypt’s National Education Project, added, on WhatsApp, that the ministry alerted the directorates, departments and committees of the internal organization, but what happens from the citizen outside the school is the matter of the Security Directorate.

He said: “The time has come to face our problems and think about how each of us bears our responsibilities and does not always blame another party, and the behavior reflected in the images is a societal behavior in everything and despite all warnings and procedures.”

“If the parents are afraid of Corona, why did they demand that the exams be postponed and they are the ones who crowded before the committees … We have no authority over them, but their duty is to set an example for their children and warn them against attending, but there is no life for those who call,” the minister added.

Some parents complained about the absence of cleansing materials and gags inside the committees, which was denied by the Ministry of Education, and said that they are available in all committees, and what is being raised about this matter are baseless lies.

The first day of the examinations recorded the success of the Ministry of Education in securing the bakelite for an hour and preventing it from being photographed or exiting on social media platforms and electronic fraud pages, which did not happen for nearly 8 years, as the questions came out on the social media as soon as students entered the committees.

The electronic fraud fraud team monitored 8 cases of fraud using mobile phones, in the departments (“Beni Suef”, “Kerdasa” and “Al Haram” in Giza Governorate, “Al-Ajami” in Alexandria Governorate, “Al Shuhada” in Menoufia Governorate, and “Coast” Cairo Governorate), and the students responsible for that and the necessary legal measures in these cases were identified.

According to the text of the law, cheated students will face the penalty of deprivation of all examinations, and their failure in all subjects, and the penalty may reach to prevent them from entering exams for a period of two years, if the legal affairs of the Ministry of Education do not use compassion.

Upon the completion of the exam, the students of Bucklet received the subjects of religious education, economics and statistics, to dream about them at home and hand them over to the committees again on July 12th, as the materials that are not added to the total are no longer included in the schedule of high school exams.

According to a number of students, the Arabic language test came simple and at the average student level and did not contain incapacitating or indirect questions, which was documented by the Ministry of Education Operations Room, where no complaints were received from students regarding the difficulty of the questions.

Dr. Reza Hijazi, Deputy Minister for Teacher Affairs and President of the General Exam, said that the high school exams in its first day went well without any problems that disturbed the exam process, as the central operations room before the start of the exam made sure that the question papers reached all the committees in the governorates .

Hejazi added that the Ministry has sent instructions to the educational directorates on the need to coordinate with the concerned authorities to prevent the accumulation of parents in front of the examination committees, and to prevent the presence of any person on the committee without actual work and distribute the work to all workers.

He stressed the need to adhere to open doors at eight in the morning and allow students to enter to perform sterilization operations and receive preventive supplies to be disbursed to them.

The ministry explained that 7 apologies were accepted for teachers who submitted that proves that their health condition will not allow to carry out the work of monitoring the exams, as well as 11 apologies were accepted for students whose circumstances do not allow to perform or complete the exam with a report from the health official, provided that the second round of exams is entered with the same degree of actual degree , For their safety and public health.

The head of a committee in the New Valley (KAA) was replaced by a secondary school for girls in the Kharga Educational Administration, due to his lack of commitment to the controls announced by the Ministry, and the head of the Questions Distribution Center in Matrouh Governorate was replaced because he felt tired and transferred to the hospital.

The Ministry indicated that the standard for completing the examination for any student who feels a state of fatigue within the committee is subject to the vision of the health official in the committee according to the student’s health condition; Where he is allowed to complete the examination forms in the event that his health condition allows this after he was isolated from his colleagues for fear of infection or being transferred to the nearest hospital by ambulance in case he feels very tired.

The Ministry affirmed that it provided sterilization tools “free of charge” within all committees at the level of the Republic for all students, as 33 million masks were distributed to the committees to preserve the safety of our student children, and that some parents purchase supplies for their children as their own.

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