“Maqam Al Maqam” .. The first movie to be released after reopening cinemas


Producer Ahmed El-Sobky decided to display the movie “His Place of Excellence” with cinemas after the cabinet’s decisions to return cinemas by 25%, in order to stand beside the film industry in Egypt and to encourage other producers to protect the industry from collapse.

The movie “Sahib Al Maqam”, starring Yusra, Aser Yassin, Amina Khalil, Bayoumi Fouad, Reham Abdel Ghafour, Nisreen Amin, Mahmoud Abdel Maghany and Engy El Mokadam, written by Ibrahim Issa, directed by Mando El Adl.

It is mentioned that Yousra returns this movie to the cinema after an absence of 7 years since she presented the movie “Jim Over” with the participation of Mai Ezzeddine and it was shown in 2012.

The cinemas were closed at the end of last March due to the repercussions of the Kurna Virus, and the postponement of several films was postponed in the last Eid Al-Fitr season.


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