“May I slaughter her” … Ahmed Zahir reveals the red lines he laid for his daughter Laila to launch into the world of art


The artist Ahmed Zaher expressed his great happiness with the success and brilliance of his daughter Laila, in her role that she presented in the series “Al-Fatwa”, which was presented last Ramadan with the artist Yasser Jalal, stressing that setting several red lines for her in the field of art.

Zaher said about his daughter, Laila, during his meeting on the It’s Showtime program, Monday evening: “My evaluation of her will be difficult because I am sure my testimony is hurt and people will say that she is drumming for her because she is my daughter and I leave the evaluation to people.”

He added: “She is talented and longevity, and who discovered it before me was the artist Tamer Hosni, and therefore he made her and her sister act with him in (Omar and Salma) and in Captain Hema and made successes, then I asked them to stop about 7 or 8 years from acting because their continuity in childhood will make people satiate with them When they grew up, and Laila was angry, and my name is defiant of talents, and she tells me that you are changing me and I am talent, and I now see that my view is correct by evidence that people are watching her now. Her mother was also a trainer, and she stood next to her a lot.

He continued: “I wanted her to return to acting while she was graduating from the university and not in high school, but when Yasser Jalal spoke to me and convinced me of her role in the bully and found the role her age and I felt that the role is a sweet introduction to her and she is a great talent and I am hiding her so I told her to go.”

On the roles that represent him with red lines and he asked his daughter not to approach her, he pointed out: “I am an eastern man in excess of what is needed, and any need in which there are contacts and hugs. I do not have these words definitively. I can go to her while she is a little girl and a lot of people and know my opinions in this region and know good. Eh who works and does not work, and does not prepare me for me that you will study a cinema, and she said, I go to an acting institute for me, I have a representative school at home, and she is already living in the midst of all artists, and she wants another study that knows what a second need works if the acting is not controlled with it. ”

On the roles of the heroism that he rejected, Zahir said: “When I decide to do a tournament, the work must be as strong as the Prince, and it must be a well calculated step. Therefore, I rejected all the roles that were presented to me as an absolute tournament, most of which I did not like once I read it to her then the viewer ”

His artistic journey

Zaher talked about the role of “Fathi” in the series “Al-Prince”, with the star Mohamed Ramadan, saying: “The role of Fathi is the most successful role I gave during my artistic career, and it is an important station in my life. I have not seen such success since the days of the series of the last man of the great late Nour The sheriff, from whom I learned many and many, is the one who discovered me when I was participating in a theatrical performance at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts and surprised him in front of me behind the scenes after the show ended and asked for my number, and after a year of this meeting he nominated me to the other man.

And he added: “Nour Al Sharif learned a lot from him and many, I learned from him humility and commitment, I learned from him how to perform his characters, so I used to go photographing even in the days when my viewers did not even watch and learn from him, because Nour Al Sharif is the easy abstention.”

And on his artistic journey since his appearance in 2000 until 2020, he said: “I changed a lot since my appearance until now. I went through harsh conditions that almost eliminated me, as I was exposed to health problems that resulted in my weight being increased until I reached 185 kilos, and I was always asking God for death. The period was harsh, there was no work, no money, and I was severely depressed. Had it not been for my wife, I would not have come out of this ordeal, and when I went back to acting again, I started again and felt as though it was the first time I was standing in front of the camera. ”

Zaher added: “I succeeded in many of the roles that I presented and carved in the rock, as I performed roles as a guest of honor and I was able to change the concept of the guest of honor such as the role of Jamal Labba in the series“ Ould El Ghalba ”and also presented with the artist Yasser Jalal in the Raheem series, although it is small roles Do not exceed two or three scenes, but they made a big commotion, and I do not care about my name on the titers, because I do not believe in this. In the Prince series, I asked Muhammad Sami to write my name at the end of the tatar, because I am sure that people in the houses do not pay attention to the names of the titers, but what matters to them It is the role provided. ”


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