“Media professionals” mourns the director Alaa Al-Najjar after his death as a result of “Ko.”


06:09 am

Tuesday 02 June 2020


The Media Union Council, headed by Dr. Tareq Saada, mourned the head of the Media Syndicate, director Alaa Al-Najjar, who passed away yesterday.

The Captain said: “We lost a dear colleague, who witnessed to him all sincerity in his work and for the homeland, as he was loved by all his colleagues.”

Mahjoub Saada, Secretary-General of the Media Syndicate, added: “We have been associated with more than 27 years as directors in the regional sector, and he was a creative, loyal and professional friend.”

A number of Maspero workers mourned their colleague Alaa Al-Najjar, who passed away yesterday, Monday, after he was infected with the “emerging corona” virus.

The workers published an obituary on one of the pages of the Maspero workers, in which they wrote: “Survival and permanence for God, and we belong to God, and to Him we shall return … Great shock and tragedy in the colleague, brother, and friend director Al-Najjar, the director of the third channel .. Our Lord, have mercy on him and make us rest in paradise and make paradise a lord.”

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