Medical source: Rajaa Al-Jeddawi suffers from breathing problems


Medical source: Rajaa Al-Jeddawi suffers from breathing problems


Please Al-Jeddawi

A medical source at the Abu Khalifa Hospital for Sanitary Insulation in Ismailia said today, Wednesday, that the great artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi is still on a respirator.

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Egypt .. Dr. Rajaa Al-Jeddawi issued a statement after he was infected with Corona virus

The source indicated to the Egyptian newspaper, “The Seventh Day”, that the artist has a temperature of 37 degrees, and the percentage of oxygen in the blood ranges between 98 and 97 per day, and the pressure and pulse are stable, indicating that her poor psychological state is the reason for the delay in improving her health status so far.

The medical source added that the result of the smear of the Corona Virus by artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi is not important as long as it is still in intensive care, indicating that if any negative smear appears to her during the coming period, this will not affect her exit from the health isolation, because she suffers from problems in Breathing, CPAP is difficult to dispense with breathing at the present time.

He added, the medical source, that she had recently injected it into the plasma serum according to the protocol of the scientific committee overseeing the treatment of patients with the new coronavirus “Covid 19”, at the Ministry of Health and Population, which had neither negative nor positive effects on her health condition, noting that the Cebab apparatus that is on it The able artist, is the reason for the stability of her condition, and its non-deterioration.

Amira Mokhtar, the daughter of the Egyptian artist Rajaa El-Gedawy, had said that her mother, who suffers from corona virus, was still on the respirator.

Amira Mukhtar wrote: “Mami is still in intensive care and on the same apparatus, but unfortunately tired, let her please heal her and heal every patient.”

Source: the seventh day

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