Minister of Information: Only half of today’s injuries are in Cairo, and “PCR” is no longer the only way


Minister of State for Media Affairs Dr. Osama Haikal commented on the procedures of the ministers to confront the overcrowding in hospitals during the past period, saying: «PCR is not the only means now for examination and there are many other means, in addition to opening a large number of hospitals in proportion to the rate of injuries in each governorate» .

The Minister revealed, in a telephone interview with the program “Cairo Now” broadcast on the “Al-Arabiya Al-Hadath” satellite channel, which is presented by the media to Mays Al-Hadidi, that “Cairo Governorate topped the injuries today by more than 50% and I do not mean Greater Cairo, but Cairo as a city,” adding “therefore Hospital opening is commensurate with infection rates in every governorate. ”

He called on citizens in the event of suspicion of injury to contact the hot numbers “105” and the new number for university hospitals announced today, in addition to complaints by the Council of Ministers in the event that these numbers cannot be reached and then help with delivery.

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