Mohamed Henedy reassures his fans and reveals for the seventh day the details of his heart catheterization


The star, Mohamed Henedy, assured his fans through “the seventh day”, and said that he performed a catheterization in the heart and installed two stents, 10 days ago, pointing out that he did not tell anyone because of the current conditions the country is going through, saying: “I could not be satisfied, I say because no one is undergoing. Thank God I am normal and good. “He also thanked the doctor who conducted the operation, Dr. Hussam Al-Hosary

And about not attending the funeral of the late artist Hassan Hosni, he said: “Hassan Hosni’s uncle, my father, and my patients prevented me from attending the funeral, especially since the doctors prevented me from going down completely.”

It is noteworthy that Henedi is preparing to start filming the movie “The Mongoose and the Man” by director Sharif Arafa, and he inspects the decorations within Sharif Arafa Studios, where it is scheduled to start filming the film within two weeks, and the director and the production company contracted with each of Mohamed Henedi, including Shalaby, Sabreen, Amr Abdul Jalil, Mahmoud Hafez, and another group of actors is being contracted for the coming days, in preparation for filming.

The great artist, Hassan Hosni, died at the age of 89, following a sudden heart attack

The great artist Hassan Hosni has participated in many important television and cinematic works over the past seasons, where he participated in the series “Sultana Al Moez” with Ghada Abdel Razek, which was shown in the season of Ramadan elapsed drama, and before that he participated in the series “Abu Jabal” of the star Mustafa Shaban, who was shown during the last Ramadan drama season.


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