Mohamed Sobhi reveals the secret of the stumbling of Akhenaten’s movie, which he was going to star


The artist Mohamed Sobhi revealed on his official page on Facebook the secret of the failure of the movie “Akhtatoun” to go to the light, that project that started preparations for him with the director Shadi Abdel Salam, but the dream was not completed in 1972. Sobhi said: Akhenaten’s film did not appear to the light because of its huge budget!

The star Mohamed Sobhi had performed proofs of makeup and clothes on the character and presented a model of what would have appeared on the screen, but the dream was not realized because of the budget, and then because of the departure of director Shadi Abdel Salam later.

The official page of Mohamed Sobhi
The official page of Mohamed Sobhi

It is mentioned that King Akhenaten tried to unite the deities of ancient Egypt, as there were multiple gods in them that worship in their different regions, including the greater god Amun Ra in the form of the one god Aten, although there are doubts about the extent of his success in this, and the transfer of the capital from Thebes to his new capital, Akheataten in Minya, and in it Realistic art appeared, especially in sculpture and painting, as in the tomb of Ra Musa, and a new literature emerged, characterized by the chants of the new god Aten, or what is currently known as the Amarna system.

Akhenaten was preoccupied with his philosophy and religious reforms, and he departed from foreign policy and administration of the empire extending up the Euphrates and Nubia to the south, and the Asian part was separated from it. When Simnakh ka Raa died, who ruled for a short period of about 3 years, then he succeeded “Samnakh ka Raa”, his nephew, Tutankhamun, who was very young, and he defected from the Aqen doctrine and left the capital, Akheaten, returning to Thebes (Luxor today), and announced the return of the Amun doctrine under The priests of Amun, who were still on the doctrine of the god Amun-Re, pressed what Akhenaten offered them to them from the idea of ​​the new god Aten and under those pressures and because of his young age he changed his name from “Tutankhaten” to Tutankhamen and demolished the good priests the effects of Akhenaten and his city Akheaton and erased His name is from it, and they dismantled his temple, which was built by Laton in Thebes, and the people deserted its capital. The search for King Akhenaten’s tomb has continued since the first tombs of the Valley of the Kings were found in the 19th and 20th centuries without reaching a conclusive conclusion.


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